QED Signature Revelation


‘Revelation’ speaker cable lives up to its name and delivers unprecedented sonic performance at a price comfortably affordable by all hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts. This cable is

a miniaturized version of our flagship ‘Genesis’ cable and features Teflon dielectrics to maintain its low impedance.

Revelation is a fusion of QED’s high end ‘Genesis’ and ‘X-Tube’ technologies, combining them into a new miniature format and bringing high end cable philosophies into a mid-priced product for the first time. This breakthrough means ‘Revelation’ boasts an overall impedance, and a dissipation factor, significantly below that of a

conventional speaker cable with the same cross-sectional area.

The result is a speaker cable that exudes breathtaking neutrality, allowing good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to perform at its very

best. The cable is an attractively finished, standard ‘figure 8’ configuration, with each of its ten 99.999% silver-plated multiple cores visible through a flexible 5.0mm diameter, clear polyethylene outer sheath. For ease of assembly and to ensure correct speaker ‘phasing’, the ‘positive’ cable is clearly marked and the whole is easily stripped and crimped into the recommended QED ‘Airloc’ speaker plugs.

QED Signature Revelation 'Airloc' termination tutorial: http://www.qed.co.uk/qed-tv/qed-revelation-airloc-termination-tutorial.htm


  • Ten Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper central conductors of 19/0.1mm
  • Aircore™ Technology
  • Jacket OD - 5.00mm
  • Cross-sectional area - 1.50mm²
  • Loop resistance - 20m?/m
  • Capacitance - 35pF/m
  • Inductance - 0.52?H/m
  • Dissipation factor - 0.0009
  • Recommended for high end bookshelf installations