Systemline Modular Active ceiling speakers - ALM3 and SLM3


This speaker pair consists of one active and one passive speaker. The active speaker has all of the electronics built-in to it to control and amplify one complete zone. Its feature set is unparalleled in the marketplace by incorporating system input, keypad connection, built-in (switchable) IR receiver, local input, local IR output, zone-out and switching for stereo/mono mode. Bass & treble and turn on volume can also be pre-set to optimise speaker performance for a given room environment. It is also possible to limit the maximum volume level, which could prove very useful when exercising control over a teenager, who might be tempted to up the volume level beyond reasonable limits.
Very importantly, the ALM3’s have been designed to meet all of the ever more stringent building regulations, This includes Part L, which defines the requirement for an effective airtight design and Parts “B” “and E” which cover audio and fire dispersion requirements. Part B & E compliance is achieved by the use of a purpose designed fire rated acoustic hood. Energy conservation is also enhanced by the use of high efficiency Class D amplifiers, which have been carefully matched to the drive units to deliver first class Hi-Fi sound.
All fixings are stainless steel, with gasket sealed fixing apertures. The ALM3’s are IPX5 rated against moisture ingress and low-pressure water jets.
All-in-all, one of the cleverest and most space efficient speaker systems ever designed


•     System connection: balanced line audio/
power/coms/IR pass through
•     Keypad connection
•     Local input
•     IR local output
•     Zone output
•     Built-in IR receiver (switchable on/off)
•     Mono/Stereo mode switching
•     Bass/Treble pre-settable level
•     Definable turn-on volume
•     Definable maximum volume level
•     25 mm Titanium tweeters – directionaly adjustable
•     Polypropolene bass drivers
•     Part L compliant
•     Part B compiant (with hood)
•     Part E compliant (with hood)
•     IPX5 rated
•     Dimensions: 228 dia x 90mm
•     Cut-out: 197mm Dia
•     Depth: 95mm
•     Weight: 1.82Kg