QED Reference Optical Quartz


Reference Optical Quartz featuring "GlassCoreTM" technology is the firstnof its kind, consisting of 210 separate boro-silicate glass fibres giving it anbandwidth of over 12MHz. This vastly exceeds the demands for high definitionnmulti-channel digital audio. In contrast to conventional Optical cables, thisnbandwidth is completely unaffected by bending the cable. Reference OpticalnQuartz gives over double the bandwidth of single acrylic glass fibres and 1/10thnof the attenuation.

Light rays in a typical 1mm single core fibre can reflect, taking many paths to reach the far end causing jitter and the input signal to be distorted by timing differences between the the different paths.

A QED Reference Optical Quartz cable contains fibres that are so small, the different paths taken by the light rays are similar in length, reducing the timing error and introducing less distortion. This has the effect of increasing bandwidth and the accuracy of the data transmission.


  • Unique boro-silicate glass construction- "GlassCoreTM" Technology
  • Highly flexible 210 x 50 micron separate optical fibre bundle
  • >12MHz Bandwidth - over twice the bandwidth of conventional acylic glass fibres
  • Ultra Low Jitter Design
  • Stepped Refractive Index
  • Ultra Low loss <0.18dB/m