Zone Amplifier


Discountinued: See MCA

This is designed to accommodate different types of speaker requirements that cannot be serviced using the Systemline Modular Active speakers. Examples include outdoor speakers, in-wall speakers alternative size ceiling speakers or conventional cabinet speakers.
The ZAM includes most of the features of the ALM3, except that it does not support zone-out, or local IR pass through, and the local input is via a 3.5 jack socket (not RJ45 balanced line). It does however include a pre-out socket so it can be used to drive higher power amplifier if required.

The ZAM40 could also be used to create a solution that is compatible with legacy home-run wired systems.


  • RJ45: System connection - balanced line audio/power/coms/IR pass through
  • RJ45: Keypad connection
  • 3.5mm stereo jack socket: Local input
  • 3.5mm stereo jack socket: Pre-amp output
  • 2.5mm jack socket: IR flying lead connection
  • Plug/socket speaker connectors: Left/Right channel
  • DC power socket for the direct connection of either a PSM50 or PSM120 for higher power output 22 Watts per channel
  • Bass/Treble pre-setable level
  • Definable turn-on volume
  • Definable maximum volume level
  • Fitting template included
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 186 x 106 x 39.3mm