Single zone AirWay Active in-ceiling speaker system


Stream music wirelessly from a mobile device to flush mounted in-ceiling speakers

AirWay In-ceiling speakers are just like conventional speakers, but with integral amplification. Designed primarily for use with wireless receiver devices like Apple AirPort* everything is taken care of. Connection is via a single UTP Cat5/6 cable with conveys power, balanced line stereo audio and coms. This is connected to a Digital Input & Power Plate (DIPP) which is in turn connected to a power supply and AirPort. The DIPP detects the presence of a digital signal and automatically switches the active speaker system on, and of course off again when there is no signal. A pre-set level control is also provided. Volume control comes from the Mobile Device.
*Alternative wireless receiver devices may also be used, but they must feature a compliant optical digital output. This includes products like the QED uPlay Plus, but excludes devices like Sonos Connect because with that product, the digital output remains on even when not in use.

Speaker to speaker CAT5 cable
Speaker to DIPP CAT5 cable
Power supply 4pin socket
Input: Optical Digital Toslink


•     1 x Pair of Systemline In-Ceiling Active Loudspeakers
•    1 x Digital Input Power Plate (DIPP)
•    1 x plastic surface mountable back box for the DIPP
•    1 x Power Supply
•    1 x Toslink to Mini Toslink digital cable
•    1 x 10 metres CAT5 cable
•    1 x CAT5 punch down tool
•    Instructions
* Excludes Network Receiver


•    In-ceiling speaker: 228mm Dia x 90mm deep
•    DIPP: Standard 44mm deep UK double gang back box