Creating a Cinema zone

Integrates Systemline Modular functionality with external amplifiers and receivers. Its principle purpose is to facilitate the creation of a Home Cinema Zone, where the A/V Receiver’s can become a Modular zone in its own right. With built-in SystemNet Junction Box (SNB) which provides for the direct connection of a TSK35C Colour Touch Screen whilst still being compatible with hard button keypads such as the LKPM7 or KPM7.


•     RJ45: System connection - balanced line audio/power/coms/IR pass through
•     RJ45: Keypad/TouchScreen connection
•     RJ45: SystemNet connection
•     Local input
•     Pre-amp output fixed or variable level
•     3.5mm jack socket: IR flying lead connection
•     Bass/Treble pre-setable level
•     Definable turn-on volume
•     Definable maximum volume level
•     Dimensions (WxDxH): 102 x 48 x 87mm