LRN7 Learning / programmable IR Remote Control


A seven-source full function learning/programmable remote control, which is machined from solid aluminium and silver anodised.


  • Comprehensive control of seven sources
  • Direct IR learning (from original equipment handsets)
  • Programable using USB link to a PC running a configuration program which also includes an IR code library)
  • Any learnt IR codes can be saved as a “.qrc” file along with configuration back-ups.
  • Back lit source buttons that can be set-up to click, beep or be muted when in use
  • Macro support with up to 4 commands per key per source with programmable delays
  • Flash programmable firmware, to facilitate future updates as required
  • Supports direct IR control of a number of non-standard IR systems including B&O and Pioneer Elite (note these will not pass through Systemline – direct control only)


  • Dimensions: Lx WxD) 250 x 43 x YYmm
  • Battery Type: 3 x AAA 1.5v (supplied)