CIM/PI2 Combined Input Module (Plug In)


In-line version of the Combined Input Module (CIM) which is a SIM and an IRM packaged together. This product is ideal where RJ45 wall plates have already been pre-fitted, or where fitting in-wall modules is either undesirable or not practical. Converts line level audio to balanced and and provides IR outputs. Also includes a pre-set level control.


  • 2 x Phono socket inputs – line level
  • 2 x Phono socket outputs – unbuffered loop-out
  • 3 x modulated IR outputs
  • 1 x unmodulated IR output
    (direct connection to device if supported)
  • 1 x level control
  • RJ45 balanced line audio output
  • Dimensions (mm) 102 x 48 x 81.5