Fineview Fixed Screen


The FineView fixed screens utilise a high quality black velvet covered aluminium frame which sits flush to the wall. The black velvet frame absorbs any overscan from the projector to give fantastic and clean edge lines to image being projected.

The HD Projection Material is supplied separate to the frame allowing simplicity of specification and also a cost effective method of upgrading or replacing the material in the future.

HD screen material is quickly and easily fixed to the rear of the frame directly with a new revolutionary self tensioning tab system. Frame dimensions only: 88x29 mm. (WxD) to get the total width of a screen add the viewing area + 176mm.

Available screen finishes:

  • HD Pearl- HD Pearl is a double PVC cloth with a white front side and grey rear side. It has been studied to be used in rooms with a light source behind the screen. The cloth assures bright images with good contrast.  It is used to produce frame screens only.
  • Audio Xtreme‘ HD White - Audio Xtreme’ or ‘AX’ relates to our projection material which is designed to have a speaker mounted behind it. The material is still the same high quality ‘HD’ material, but we have examined both the size of the actual perforation, and the perforation pattern to achieve the very best audio transparency, while ensuring the picture is unaffected given viewing distance recommendations are followed. The technology is such that this perforation pattern is installed in Dolby Laboratories and 99% of all Professional Cinemas and Theatres worldwide where acoustic transparency is a requirement.
  • HD Grey - High quality / High Definition grade screen material that can be used in drop or fixed screen mounting options. This material has had a specific “Grey” finish applied, provides a gain of 0.8 and has been designed specifically for use in the Home Theatre Market place. It enhances the contrast performance of DLP projectors in lower ambient light environments compared with HD White or HD Pearl providing deeper blacks and richer colours on screen.


  • Uncluttered and label free frame
  • Construction: Attractive black velvet covered aluminium frame.
  • Mounting: New self tensioning tab system - maximum flatness achieved without fuss.
  • Surface: Available HD Pearl, Audio Xtreme, HD Grey
  • Nominal weight: As above


Model (Fixed)1.80M2.0M2.5M3.0M
Viewing Area (WxH)180x101cm200x112cm250x140cm300x169cm
Approx. diagonal206cm
Frame profile88x29mm88x29mm88x29mm88x29mm
Net weight9kg10kg13kg17kg