CW160R/S - 6.5 Square


  • 19mm tweeter
  • Unique high-frequency, constant directivity SonicGuide gimbals to provide a focused, even response both on and off axis
  • SonicGuide can be tilted 30 left or right and the whole assembly turned through 180 degrees
  • Performance Enclosure and NCBs available
  • Midrange and tweeter switches allow for 3dB response adjustments


Frequency Range (-6dB): 45-21,
Recommended Power: 20-100 Watts
Impedance (Nominal): 8?
Anechoic Chamber: 87dB SPL
Typical Listening Room: 89dB SPL
Drivers: 165mm Woofer,
19mm Dome Tweeter
Overall Dimensions (Circular): 241 x 95mm
Overall Dimensions (Square): 241 x 241 x 95mm
Cut-out Dimensions (Circular): 222mm
Cut-out Dimensions (Square): 222 x 222mm